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CSMA Shares

Among the statutory functions of the Capital Markets and Securities Authority (CMSA) is to regulate, promote and develop the capital markets industry in the country. Public awareness and educational campaigns have been identified as one of the key avenue of attaining the promotional and developmental goals of CMSA. In addition to that, the regulatory functions which form part of instituting investor protection mechanism is enshrined on the level of awareness of the investors, market players and the general public at large. It is through this vein that educational and awareness programs for specific user groups and general public will remain a priority activity in the CMSA's work plan.

Through concerted efforts of making the capital markets an engine of economic growth of the country, CMSA targets that 50% of Tanzanian population will be capital markets-literate by the year 2016. This plan calls for a sustained and holistic educational and awareness approach to ensure that many citizens are aware of the opportunities offered by capital markets and securities industry and can access capital markets as investors, issuers of securities or market professionals