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CSMA Shares

These regulations set out the procedures to be complied with by the applicants for licensing e.g. dealers, investment advisers or their representatives. The requisite application forms are prescribed in the Regulations. General conditions relating to licenses once obtained are also provided for, including the provision that the license shall be personal to the applicant and the requirement for a license to inform the Authority (by written notice) of any relevant alterations or occurrence. Click to download

Certain market players are required by the Act to maintain a register in the prescribed form of the securities in which he has an interest. These regulations therefore include the prescribed form as well as a provision for varying of the form of register by the Authority where necessary. The registers of interests in securities will enable transactions to be easily traceable by the Authority and other interested parties thus providing the requisite transparency in securities transactions. Click to download

These regulations make provision for procedures for the establishment of the stock exchange as well as an interim stock trading facility. In the case of a Stock Exchange, the application has to be made by a body corporate while interim stock trading facility is not a body corporate (it only provides an interim mechanism for trading). Applications are to be made to the Authority which grants approval subject to certain conditions, and will continue to regulate the stock exchange once it is approved. Click to download

These regulations provide for the maintenance of accounting records (including audit trail) preparation of the annual financial statements as well as treatment of customer money in accordance with the law (i.e. in trust for the client). These Regulations supplement the provisions on accounts and audit which are contained in the Capital Markets and Securities Act. Click to download

These Regulations relate to the vetting of securities advertisements by the Authority and it provides for a number of conditions that have to be met by advertisers in the securities business. Conditions include the requirement for the content and presentation of the advertisement that the advertisements have to be factual, that comparison or contrasting of investment should not be done unless it is fair, as well as restrictions on forecasts and references to taxation. Click to download

To supplement the Capital Markets and Securities Act, these regulations make detailed provisions relating to the roles of managers, trustees, schemes, trust deeds, pricing, issue and redemption of units/shares and other relevant matters. Click to download

These regulations supplement the general provisions on public issues of securities which are contained in the Capital Markets and Securities Act. The prospectus is an important document since the issuance of a prospectus is a prerequisite where a public offer is being made. The items required to be included in the prospectus are listed in the Regulations. These include matters to be stated in the first page of the prospectus. Others include information on the rights of holders, information on bankers, capital from issuer, debt of issuing any material contracts, the use of the proceeds from the issue etc. Click to download

The Conduct of Business Regulations list rules on conduct including inducements, churning, customer rights, confidentiality, changes, execution in addition to the conduct of business regulations covered in the Capital Markets and Securities Act. Click to download

The Capitalization and Rights Issue regulations set out the disclosure requirements that an issuer is obliged to comply with during Capitalization of when making Rights Issue. This has to be done after obtaining the approval of the Authority. Click to download

These Regulations amended the CMS (Foreign Investors Regulations 2003) to allow unrestricted foreign participation in capital markets by repelling the Capital Markets Foreign Investors Regulations; (2003) which capped foreign investors' participation on listed securities to 60% and restricting participation on listed government securities. The amendments to the Capital Markets Foreign Investors Regulations (2014) were effected in the Government Notice No. 338 published on 19/09/2014. The Regulations also provide for the conditions and manner in which foreign investors will participate in the capital markets and more specifically at the DSE. It also focuses on the mechanism by which the Authority can monitor observance of the conditions set for foreign participation by the DSE and the Central Depository System. Click to download

These Regulations focus on participation in the capital markets by foreign issuers of securities. The regulations set out the eligibility criteria and disclosure requirements for such companies to make public offers or cross list at the DSE. Click to download

These Regulations provide for the legal framework under which custodians can operate and be supervised within the capital markets. This has become more important particularly with the opening up of the capital market to foreign investors/participants. Click to download

These Regulations regulate and govern mergers and acquisitions. The objective of these Regulations is to ensure that in the Tanzanian capital markets, the critical processes of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers, which significantly influence growth of enterprises, take place within an orderly legal framework and that such framework conforms to the principles of fairness, transparency, equity and the need to protect the rights of shareholders affected by such transactions. Click to download

These Regulations are designed to regulate and govern nominated advisory companies and individuals licensed by the Authority to undertake the responsibility of preparing SME companies to list on the stock market segment which facilitates trading of securities of start-up, small and medium size companies (SMEs) by assessing the appropriateness of an applicant to be listed and advising and guiding the company on its responsibilities. Click to download

These rules set out the role, responsibilities and eligibility criteria for companies seeking to operate as a Real Estate Investment Trusts. The rules are designed to protect investors when investing in income generating real estate alongside other investors in order to benefit from the inherent advantages of working as part of a group. Click to download

These regulatons provide amendments to the previous regulations that focus on the partcipation of foreign issuers in capital Markets. Click to download