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CSMA Shares

The Management Team at CMSA is led by Chief Executive Officer who is the overall in charge of day to day operations of the CMSA reporting to the Board. The CEO is assisted by Management Team comprised of Head of Directorates and Independent Departments who oversee operational aspects and report to the CEO. The Management is assisted by technical officers in each of the Directorates and Departments who are responsible for implementation of the operations aspects of the Authority. The CMSA Management is as follows:-


The Chief Executive Officer who is overall incharge of the operations of the CMSA reporting to the Board of the CMSA


Responsible for licensing, legal, Board and Enforcement functions of the Authority and Secretary to the Board of the CMSA


Responsible for reviewing and evaluating market participants and conducting onsite and off-site inspection and examinations; Carrying out routine inspections of licensees to ensure compliance with the law


Responsible for designing and implementing human resources management policies and procedures governing recruitment, placement, rewarding, training and development, welfare service and all human resource related functions.


Responsible for research, policy and planning, preparing Work plan (Strategic Plan) and coordinating annual activity plan; Preparing and coordinating research agenda and Publishing and disseminating research results; Preparing and coordinating donor funded projects and projects reports and Coordinating international cooperation activities


Responsible for the internal audit functions reporting to the Audit Committee and Risk Management of the Authority


Responsible for all finance and accounting matters of the Authority


Responsible handling the media and protocol issues, Spokesperson of the CMSA on authorization of the CEO, coordination of public awareness and education programme and publication materials designed to enhance public knowledge on capital markets and commodity exchange

  Responsible for enforcement functions and licensing matters,assisting the Director of Legal Affairs in matters related to licensing and enforcement and implementation of directives examine and process applications for licensing and inspection and verification of applicants.